Nicole also offers Private Readings In-Person (by appointment) and via Telephone or Email.

In-Person Readings
A Private In-Person Reading is held at:
Nicole's consulting rooms in Mornington, Victoria, Australia.

To request an appointment please fill out the following fields and Nicole will reply to coordinate a date and time with you.

The cost is $150.00 for a 1 hour reading. 
(Cost includes GST and is paid at the sitting)

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Telephone/Online Video Readings
(Please mention your preferred contact method and details in Comments below)
A Private Telephone Reading is as personal and 'live' as you can get (except of course for physically being face to face with Nicole), and it allows you to ask as many questions as you wish and to discuss your issues with her in greater detail.

Nicole will call you, so whilst placing your order in the fields below, you will need to specify your preferred dates and times, then Nicole will reply back via email with confirmation of your payment and which time(s) to expect your call for a Telephone Reading.

The cost is $150.00 for a Telephone Reading (Call costs are included in the fee).
(Currency is $AUD and includes GST)

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Please select Your preferred Dates & YOUR LOCAL TIMES
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Email Readings
Nicole also offers individually written Private Readings by Email.
She will answer up to 5 questions relating to any aspect of your life such as work/career, finances, relationships, etc.

An Email Reading means that Nicole is not physically present with you, so it will therefore assist Nicole greatly if you provide some basic information about yourself in the fields below.

The cost is $180.00 for an Email Reading (3-8 day turn around).
(The Currency is $AUD and includes GST)

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Your Date of Birth :     Confirm cost ($180.00)