Your accuracy and ability to ‘untangle’ and alleviate my negative thoughts truly amazed me. After your reading, all doubt I had been harboring re a work situation became clear and the following day guess what? Positive news re the job! Thank you so much.
Jen, Australia

I was very skeptical about Mediums prior to our meeting, but you knew things that nobody else but my husband and I knew. Thank you for the comfort I received from the messages that you were able to convey for me. It has allowed me to move forward in the life that I still have to live.
Louise, New Zealand

Dear Nicole,
I didn't think it would be possible to receive an accurate reading from someone half way around the world. But within 3mins you had it correct, right down to the names of the people involved. Thank you for your non-judgmental approach to my problems and for helping me to recognise that my refusal to let go of certain beliefs was directly influencing my future.
Michelle, England

I almost feel silly, but I feel very very comfortable about talking with you (I think this says much about you) and I also think that I’m in a ‘strange’ and ‘important’ place right now. Your words today, the reading which was amazing and the insightful words in your email today, are all speaking directly to me and have me emotional and vulnerable. (in a good way me thinks).
Colin, Melbourne

Dear Nicki,
I just wanted to drop a quick line to thank you so much for my recent reading with you! I found it truly inspiring, and it gave me new hope and direction for my future. I've recommended you to all my friends and I will definitely be keeping in touch with you.
Julie, Mornington Peninsula

Nicole has a truly wonderful ability to provide clear, accurate and insightful readings that ring true in every sense, addressing my innermost thoughts, hopes and concerns. Her calming and inspirational guidance allowed me to trust my own intuition and thoughts. I truly look forward to sharing my spiritual journey with Nicole.
Nichole, Surrey Hills

Nicki understands things in a way that most of us aren't able to or aren't open to. Her deep faith in the universe to work it all out, fosters my own hopefulness that everything is just the way it ought to be. Nicki's answers to questions are always thought-provoking, informative, and often surprising. She's funny, smart, and genuine. We are lucky that Nicki's clairvoyance is a gift that she's generous enough to share with the rest of us.
Elizabeth, California USA